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Education Programs


Fun for ALL ages!

Our wildlife presentations are great for grades K-12. We also provide higher level learning for college classes. Boy/Girl Scouts and YMCA programs also available with modifications for hiking and earning patches/badges.

Presentation Details

Enjoy up to an hour long show with 7 to 10 different species of animals. This includes alligators, native and non-native snakes, arachnids and other reptiles. Our animals come out into the audience for a hands-on experience!

Low to No Cost

Include the whole student body! The more students we can present to the less it costs for you. We can accommodate 60 students per presentation and when you book at least 2 presentations in a day there is little to no cost to you! To do this we provides envelopes to send home with students giving them the option to purchase a photo of them holding an alligator, gator/shark tooth necklaces, or a Safari Todd T-shirt.

Modified Presentations

From exotic handling techniques for Veterinary Programs to Edible plant course hikes, we can provide a specialized experience for you!

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