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Events & Public Appearances

From festivals to charity walks and private organization events, we bring a wild experience to you!

Safari Todd On-Site


Outdoor Events

With two 10x10 canopy tents full of different native and non-native species of reptiles, each animal comes out for hands-on interactions and photo opportunities.

Private Parties

Be the talk of the town when you bring us to your private party! Whether it be a birthday or corporate function, we provide a wildlife show that is fun, educational, and hands-on.

Resort Appearances

Give your guests some wild entertainment! Schedule appearances with our animals for wildlife shows and/or photo opportunities.

Optional Merchandise

We also optionally set up a small retail space to sell fossils, crystals and other merchandise. Our retail space helps reduce the cost for you!

Optional Wildlife Show

In addition to our tent space, there is an option to add a 1 hour wildlife show as a stage presentation. We bring 7 to 10 different animals in to the audience for an informative hands-on experience.

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